Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Is Training Month

Happy spring everyone! Time to spring clean, iron out the wrinkles and im not just talking about laundry. There comes a time when one must hone their skills and prepare for the year to come. As things pick up and business forges ahead, you have to be prepared and ready to do your best.

With that uppermost in mind, IC Solutions has invited one of the top recruiters in the US, Greg Doersching from the Griffin Group in Wisconsin to come up and visit the IC Solutions team [both Canadian and US members] here in Toronto and give us his best shot. Greg's recruiter training is second to none. I know, as ive been through it before. Greg told me "Sarah, if you think i was good back then - wait til you see me now!" I just love that kind of confidence in people - dont you! :)

So im proud to say we have the best of the best coming to assist our team starting on April 22/23 and he will stay by us and monitor our progress for 6 months - now that's service. Only the best for IC Solutions.

So im thinking we are ready for the oncoming hiring Tsunami that is coming our way, both here and yes...also in the US. Look out people - here we come!


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