Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Horizons & News

Starting in February IC Solutions makes its mark in the USA! Yes we're heading south! First stop Columbus, OH. Our new VP NA Ops is Ann Lavelle Kozliner and she is featured on our website. She is a one-woman Tsunami when it comes to business development - boy are we lucky to find her! :)

The launch was planned for Feb 1 but has now been moved to Feb 7. Got to go to London, England first and take care of family. After all, family comes first.

Our new brochure will be out next week and available for download as a pdf on the website. We have 2 new associates which includes 1 silent partner working small miracles behind the scenes and a new specialist recruiter in the Automotive industry - Walter Cianciusi. He is quite simply amazing in his field. So with time, ICS grows in its geographical coverage and in its expertise. All a great start for 2010 which promises to be a Kick-Ass year!

Stay tuned for new developments!


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