Monday, July 6, 2009

Uncertainty is a good thing!

As there are no absolute truths…[and if you don’t believe me check out Amy Tan’s Ted Talk at: ]
It makes us question…and this is a good thing. How do I create something from nothing? How do I create my role in life?

I always find some inspiration in amongst the many Ted talks that are posted on the net. [See]. In fact lately, I am thinking a lot more about this; actually I am thinking a lot more, period! You know why? I got rid of my TV service. I got so fed up with Rogers and didn’t want to get locked into a Bell Express Vue 2-year contract I just said HOLD, let’s just hold! Ahhh, it’s so much quieter now. Lots of time to think. ;-)))

You should try it. It’s amazing what you can get done, or not, when you are not distracted by the mindless feeding machine of the TV.

So back to UNCERTAINTY… it’s not such a bad place to be. Uncertainty makes us think. What do I want to do? What or who do I want to be? Where do I want to go? So how does one answer those questions? Where am I in the universe and what is my role?

A friend of mine recently asked, but Sarah I don’t know what I want? Well you have to start at the beginning and usually that is with a feeling. What do I feel? What can I imagine? What feels good what doesn’t? Try to think of all possibilities including those that never occurred to you before. Do you realize that if you can imagine something it can happen…. And if you don’t believe that, then try one of Esther and Jerry Hicks books about manifesting your desires. For example “Ask and it is Given”. That book offers a complete workshop of how to answer the above question…’I don’t know what I want’.

Actually you will find that you do know what you want, in fact deep down you always knew…you just have to be quiet for a bit…and listen.


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