Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wei Ji

Its blog day today...I realize I have not written a blog in ages. I’m just pulled left right and centre as I work in the business and on the business and try to be everything to everyone...which of course is impossible. This morning I am thinking about the people I meet that crisis [usually].

This brings me to my topic of the day.....Wei Ji!

Ever heard of that? Wei Ji? It’s an old Chinese symbol and saying meaning... crisis, or opportunity.
Remember the yin and yang of life? Well there are always several [at least 2] ways of looking at things...and that is Wei Ji. Here is a link to spell it out:

I was speaking with a fellow yesterday who found himself in this position and I thought, it’s the old Wei Ji situation. The knee jerk response to being let ‘crisis looming’. Not necessarily, I say. I always get this excited feeling inside as I think, oh my God; it’s a crossroad of possibilities ahead for this person. It may not be a ‘lay off’ exactly, it could be a market crash, company going under or another sort of crisis, but the Wei Ji attitude and mindset still applies.

It’s really not that hard, with a little bit of deep dive personal exploration and brainstorming, new ideas and directions can emerge on the horizon and be achieved quite quickly. Sort of like the master mariners used to do at sea. You get knocked of course by some ‘out from left field’ gale force wind, well you just reset your course and compass and off you go again toward your destination. When you fall off track, which we all do, from time to time, you just get right back on again. We need to re-align ourselves and our goals periodically, so our life course is correct.

So what I’m saying’s to time to reinvent yourself. Everyone does...just look at Madonna, the Queen of reinvention. I’m not saying we have to follow her as a model, but, when you hit a wall, you change direction and that is the universe talking to you. And yes... there is fear sometimes, but we need to do this anyway.

Ok its fine to talk about it, but what exactly do you do, well – call me. I can help you with’s one of the things that I do at IC Solutions. Like the title says,...I do see solutions – everywhere... and I can help you with that.

Something very exciting is coming to IC Solutions in September, it’s called Mission Possible, where you define your passion...create your vision...and make it happen. Much more news on this to come.

But remember! Wei Ji is just the beginning of the exciting road ahead.

Stay tuned to this blog, but I should inform you that I am away on holiday next week and back early next month after many blissful hours of collecting green stones on the pristine shores of Balephetrish Bay, so I’ll be waving from the other side of the Atlantic....Ciao for now.


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