Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So...like...Who here has really benefited yet from Twitter? Anyone? I hear a lot of information about its usefulness within recruitment and other fields. I believe that, with time it is an application that will ultimately be useful for many, I think....but I can’t seem to get my head around it producing anything really productive, at least right now.

I read a lot of statements/’Tweets’ such as: “Finally calling it a night hasn't quite happened - too much to do.”; “A gorgeous June day in Sonoma wine country!”; “Got a lot done today and the Institute of Applied Mysticism is on its way.” However, what can I really do with any of this info...except observe??

I’ve tried putting APBs out on career opportunities and only once did I get a response...so far. Is Tweeter one of those mediums that you just have to keep using and one day...results will miraculously materialize and it will all ‘come together’? Should I just keep the faith? I’m certainly giving it a try, but is anyone really interested that today I worked really late? Or like normal people, are they actually asleep in bed doing what I should be doing now? Ok I’m off to sleep [‘per chance to dream’]. Good night!

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