Saturday, January 14, 2012

Womensphere Summit - New York

I know....I'm a terrible blogger. It's certainly not my forte. It's not just that I work 10 - 12 hour days, but whenever the creative writer in me is ready, I'm usually not at my computer but somewhere inconvenient . Some people have weekly blogs that publish with regularity and then there are publications like, U of T's engineering newspaper - "Toike Oike" that actually declared: ..."published every now and then". That always made me laugh. Well I'm just like Toike Oike,, you'll get a blog out me....every now and then.

So next week folks, the IC Solutions team is off to New York....Columbia University no less. Check out the above link to see full details of the conference. I went to the one in Oxford in October 2011 and was blown away by the talent and information that was jammed into a one day session. Some of the great and inspirational minds of Europe were congregated to inspire and be inspired. I decided that more sessions like these were mandatory for the psyche not just the workplace. So when I received news of another, just an hour plane ride away, I signed on in a jiffy!

I've decided in my dotage, that it's really important to just stop the treadmill of work every now and then, wrestle my attention and laser like focus away from work and do something completely different and joyful, like go and spend a day or so being inspired.
And hey...who doesn't want to go to New York!!

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